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Default Re: #26 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by Deuce Bigalow
Hard to chose someone right now. But what do you guys think of Dwyane Wade? Do you think that 2006 was legit? It seems to me that if everyone thought that 06 was legit Wade would easily be top 25. One of the greatest playoffs runs of all-time, one of the greatest finals performance of all-time, finals MVP, and now 2 Championships, his peak was great as well. But it looks like people just don't count it (06). I'm not saying the refs did it or not, just assuming what many people outside of Miami think.
I don't think I've ever seen a good case for Miami being helped much in the 06 series. I've seen lots of bad angles on fouls that were clearly fouls, and I've seen some questionable calls, but nothing that pointed towards the heat being given some sort of edge constantly. What happened in the 06 finals was pretty simple really. First off, the Mavericks probably gave an aging Shaq too much defensive attention for a second option, even as it became clear he wasn't going to be the one swinging the series (A couple Mavs players even said at one point that Alonzo was making more of an impact when he came in then Shaq did and I wouldn't wholly disagree), and then secondly the Mavs just weren't a great defensive team. Not awful by any means, but they really had no defensive perimeter talent. Wade blew by everyone they put on him once he finally put his mind into scoring every time down the court in game 3.
Also, I just think the Heat were plainly better. They won 52 games despite having some injury problems, and they had 8 guys who were capable of making an impact, two of whom were all stars.
Then on top of that Dirk didn't really show up, which really isn't brought up that often. He played a pretty awful series, which I think is just something that's going to happen to shooters from time to time. I feel that guys who rely on range shooting primarily won't be as consistent as guys who get inside, and Dirk has been a pretty good example of that.
So, I don't think there is anything to argue about in terms of the legitimacy of the championship. In fact, there is more to argue about with Wade in terms of what sort of wins his team could have put up without injuries in 05 and 07. The 07 team put up a respectable win loss ratio despite not having Shaq and Wade half the season, (and that season was a particularly weak one in the east which they could have taken advantage of) and Wade being out in the 05 ECF might very well have been the determining factor of that series, if not the championship.
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