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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Well Hillis is playing the Falcons, right? The Falcons were one of the best teams in the NFL at stopping the run last season if I remember correctly.

The Jets have a great defense too but their rush defense is not on par with their secondary. I think its worth noting Spiller has the better match-up.

The next aspect to take in to consideration would probably be # of attempts which I think Hillis will get more of than Spiller. I think it will also be a significant amount more too.

Finally we have the ability part. At the best part of both of their careers Hillis is the choice no brainer but he's been banged up recently and hasn't been his old self.

Spiller on the other hand started to come on strong when Jackson went down last season and started to prove his worth.

It's a tough choice but at the end of the day I'd go with Hillis because the Chiefs seem to have the better offensive line.
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