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Default Copper (TV Show)

I just watched the first two episodes and I have to say I'm impressed with it so far, never expected it to be this good. It's New York in 1860s and the main character Kevin Corcoran two months ago after coming back from the war finds his daughter murdered and his wife gone. He has since been working as a NYPD detective while looking for her daughter's killer. Sex and violence are obviously the main themes but there is a greater plot line developing in regards the the mob so there are lots of action going on.The show starts with a scene where Corcoran and his partners intercept bank robbers after their escape. They shoot them down and start helping themselves to the bank money. Story kicks off when they find the dead body of a child prostitute and Kevin takes a personal interest in the case.
Copper to me looks like a fusion of Gangs of New York and Deadwood, it's gritty and blunt as both and thankfully does not care much for PC. The acting is great overall since almost everyone got their character nailed although Corcoron's two friends/partners O'Brien and Maguire got work to do.
I strongly recommend this show, give it a try, good thing about Copper is that by the time you are done with the first episode you know if you want to watch the rest or not.
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