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Default Re: The Christian Ponder thread

OK. Ponder looked good today.

Skol Vikes baby.. I live near the Wisconsin border and I can't tell you how many times I've already rubbed it into some people that the Packers are last in the NFC North now, lol.

Secondary was pretty bad today with the exception with your occasional much needed stop.

Run D looked good, shame JA couldn't rack up a sack today.

AP was ****ing amazing. I was nearly brought to tears with his effort today after that injury no more than 250 days ago. Our running game is going to be amazing this year. Gearhart is a very competent backup and he put up numbers late last season (last 4 weeks or so). If only AP can progress into catching... but whatever. When he made that huge run in OT I ****ing screamed my heart out.

Ponder is gaining a rapport with our receiving corps. I love how much he's melding with Percy and Rudolph, and the quick checks down the middle he's doing. We got the speed and size for receivers to be there.

I can't believe what a roller coaster of a game it was. I know it was the Jaguars, and they aren't that good. But you guys need to remember that Blaine Gabbert threw a miracle touchdown when all we had to do is stop them at 3rd and 9 a few plays earlier. We had 20 seconds on the clock at the return and then Ponder was given 14 seconds to shine with 3 timeouts up there. I was so pissed off. I was cursing at our defense, literally just so upset. Then it happened...


53 yarder to force OT... and the rest was history. Complete bliss watching us win this game.

This game did so much for our confidence. We began last season with 5 first half chokes and about 4 4th quarter chokes in the first 5 weeks. We had the best offense in the NFL yet we our defense turned into spaghetti in the clutch.

Our defense needs an identity. I appreciated Harrison Smith's feistyness. Cook had balls with the sack he made today. Josh Robison looked pretty decent as well. They just need to grow. They're all young.

Our O-Line with Kalil anchoring it (yes, he's anchoring it already) was amazing today. Set up some great gaping holes for AP and it kept Ponder relatively safe.

Let's prove everyone wrong... let's **** up some other team's playoff hopes.

Skol Vikes.
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