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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
How is Roddy White projected to do the rest of the season? I think its pretty clear that Julio is going to be the go-to receiver, but Roddy still only had 1 less target. Think he'll be able to put up WR1 numbers? Looking back at the draft results of my money league I'm feeling pretty dumb for taking him ahead of Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Nicks, etc.
Roddy White was/is definitely overrated coming into the past 2 fantasy seasons. I've outlined this in other threads but one important metric you want to look at is yards per target. The last two years he has been ranked outside of the top 30. What that tells us that a lot of his production stems from a high volume of targets. With the emergence of Julio and the offense being catered to him he will take a backseat in targets. He'll mostly operate in the middle of the field and run lots of intermediate routes. He's still something of a safety blanket for Ryan and one excellent possession receiver but is not the dynamic player he once was considered. He'll see a decrease in targets therefore his numbers will drop but should still place him as a high end WR2 or low end WR1 but I don't see him as a top 12 option, especially in standard leagues. He is far more valuable in the PPR format.

As for Andre and B-Marsh both guys are a near lock to finish top 6 barring health.

Edit: In fairness to Roddy he's extremely durable and much safer than a Nicks/Andre. He's always good for 5 for 60 and rarely ever throws up duds.

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