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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Bano114
So in one league I have Matt Ryan as my starting QB and absolutely love him as my starter for this season.

But I snagged RGIII in the later rounds as a possible trade chip if he worked out.

Well RGIII worked out and I am sorely lacking a WR. (Lloyd and Bowe)

Should I hold onto to RGIII hoping someones QB gets hurt and try and maximize trade value if RGIII contiues doing well or go for a trade right away?

One guy in my league has Andrew Luck and Roethlesberger. I'm thinking I could offer him RGIII and get some WRs in return.

His WRs are Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne, Santonio Homes, Danny Amendola and Randy Moss.

I was thinking of trying to get both Wayne and Welker. What should I offer?

My team is

Matt Ryan

F. Jackson
Donald Brown
R. Jennings
Ed Dickson

So obviously RGIII is a apart of the deal. Who else could I add to make him accept a trade for Welker and Wayne without giving up too much value?
Welker will be a dud so I'd avoid acquiring him. Reggie Wayne is a near lock for 100 catches and 1200 yards so I'd definitely target him before he has another big game and his price tag is that much higher.

Try RG3 for Wayne straight up, that sounds like a reasonable deal at this point in time.

If not, I'd consider adding Donald Brown. It's also a double edged sword because although RG3 looked great, he was playing against a very shaky defense that clearly wasn't prepared for a duel threat QB (props to Shanahan) and he played so recklessly that I'd be shocked if he played 16 games and remained healthy throughout the season.
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