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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Bane
Thanks. That's some good advice, I did draft FJ thinking he would have a good season but I had some weird feeling about him ever since I set my line up. (Was thinking about starting Doug Martin over Jackson) and next thing you know he gets hurt and nobody knows how bad it is and with the way Spiller is playing if he keeps it up Fred might not get that many carries once he gets back. Tough one here.
I've learned that sometimes you have to listen to those weird feelings, they're right more than they're wrong.

I will tell you that if Fred does make it back (which I'm optimistic he will) he will still see a ton of work. He just got a huge contract and the Bills don't view Spiller as a guy who can handle a full workload. Plus in a perfect world they'd like to give both a high volume of touches and use Spiller a lot as a WR.
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