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Default Just made an yahoosports fantasy league for ISH

league name: ISH NBA fantasy league
password: insidehoops

anybody from ISH is welcome, the league is standard format online auction draft, the draft will be Mon sept 17th at 11:30pm eastern (so that most ppl will be beside a computer) and it will be a head-to-head league with playoffs the final few weeks of the season.

Reward for the league championship: OFFICIAL ISH gloating rights for at least a full playoff/off-season.

OR if anybody has a creative way we can put a little friendly wager on the line I'm open to any suggestions. Or if anybody has suggestions on anything else about the league please feel free to say so. I want to have as much involvement as all of the other managers in the league as possible.

As I stated earlier anybody and everybody is welcome to join.

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