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Default Re: LeBron has never had a 50 point playoff game?

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Do you have the list of player, would like to see it?

Off the top of my head, I know Vince Carter, Charles Barkley and Sam Jones have one.

Michael Jordan
Wilt Chamberlain
Allen Iverson
Jerry West
Bob Pettit
Charles Barkley
Karl Malone
Kobe Bryant
Rick Barry
Billy Cunningham
Vince Carter
Ray Allen
Sam Jones
Elgin Baylor
John Havlicek
Sleepy Floyd
Bob McAdoo
Bob Cousy
Dominique Wilkins
Dirk Nowitzki

*Pettit, Baylor, West, Barry, and Jordan are the only players to score 50+ in a Finals game.

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