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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Bano114
Wound up taking Bradshaw with my next pick because of it being a snake draft but there wasn't alot of time between picks so I panicked and took Turner with like a second left before it auto picked.

Looking back now your 100% right I should have considered Ridley but it is what it is. Couldn't see myself trusting Kevin Smith to play a full season though.

Going to wait and see if Turner has a big game then try and trade him ASAP.
Bradshaw was a nice pick, he's a great rb2 and in standard leagues could easily finish top 12. He's a touchdown monster and would not shock me if he finishes with 16 scores on the year. He looks ready for a career season.

I can understand the allure with Turner, on paper he seems like a good pick and what you're looking for..High powered offense, good line, he has pretty good job security and the Falcons lack a guy who has proven he can run between the tackles and pick up tough yards (Can Jacquizz be that guy?)..He's been an excellent goal line back for a while..But looking closer over the past 2 years he's really struggled in the 2nd of each season. He wears down quickly. Lacks any real burst, Falcons moving away from runnng and becoming an uptempo offense. The emergence of both Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, a shift in philosophy, a very talented young RB in Rodgers who fits their scheme, yadda yadda yadda..

Its wise to wait for him to have a good game and sell quickly although I'm not sure what you'll be able to get in return. Perhaps package him with another player and hope for the best.

Theres quite a few things I absolutely love about Kevin Smith. In no particular order, 1) his ADP (somewhere in that 75-80 range). 2) He's the starter in an offense that is incredibly RB friendly that it's nearly impossible not to produce top 12 #s on a weekly basis. 3) He's a very adept pass catcher making him absolute gold in PPR. Stafford loves checking down to him and not to mention having Megatron creates a lot of open lanes for him. The offense moves the ball so consistently and creates so many big plays that whatever RB they're using is getting a few redzone carries/targets every game.

So you combine all those 3 things you have great opportunity met with good skills and fantastic value (70-80 ADP) which is a recipe for fantasy success. Since you're drafting him as likely your 3rd RB you're getting RB1 production out of your flex which offers the lowest statistical output of any slot on your team. By getting that sort of production you're going to be nearly impossible to beat. The only concern with Kevin is obvious his durability but the same can be said for Arian Foster (not to that extent but every player is an injury risk). I love Kevin Smith this year and have no doubt that if he plays 12-14 games will finish top 15 at RB and say he does get hurt it's a risk I'm willing to take all day.

If you're in a league(s) where guys dont value Kevin Smith or are looking to sell high, run don't walk.
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