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Felton's got game, but he's not the shooter, defender, or cool head the Heinrich is. He may catch him this year, but he didn't last year.

I've never seen G. Wallace make a jumper. He's a tough defender and a good runner and finisher, but he can't do much on his own dribble, and is a liability in a half court set unless everybody else can shoot (like Rodman without the 6 offensive boards a game). Luckily for him with Felton and Knight the team should run a lot. He's also not a natural 2 guard and may have trouble staying with shooters as they come off screens.

Morrison... He can shoot. Uh... He can shoot under pressure. He's probably big enough to get his shot off. Which is good because he doesn't bring ball handling, rebounding, passing, or defense. He can shoot though.

May was great in college, but so was Juan Dixon. He has yet to prove that he can do it at this level on a consistent basis. I'm pulling for him though, because he's that undersized Elton Brand type of 4 you love to see succeed against the big guys. If he works on his shooting touch, he's got Antoine Carr written all over him. Not bad to be the Big Dog. I wonder if he could get some of those orange shades the Carr wore...

Okafur has the goods to be an Alonzo Mourning type of player IF he can stay healthy and keep his athleticism.

Unless Morrison turns out to be the second coming of Glen Rice, I think the playoffs are still one more aquisition away. They still need a bonafide shooting guard (somebody who can get his own and bring the ball up against pressure when Felton / Knight is denied the ball) and they may need to upgrade the 4/5 if it turns out the May is more of a backup calibur than a starter.
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