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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Bane
Tough one again this week Romo vs Seahawks or Ryan vs Broncos? Also I subbed Jennings for Kenny Britt and I don't know who to put at flex; Ogletree, Cobb or Maclin

Or perhaps there's another option:
Sit Kenny Britt start either one of those 3 mentioned above and put Reggie Bush at flex?
hey bane, just dont forget to remind me what scoring format youre using, makes answering easier.

i like ryan vs denver by a lot. for starters ryan is coming off his best game ever. he looked as good as he's ever looked. his biggest knock is that he doesnt play well on the road and he went into arrowhead and poopooed all over them. this game is in atlanta where ryan has been brilliant. it should be a high scoring affair. also its not pretty obvious that ryan is going to finish as a top 5 QB.

romo on the other hand has a very tough match up. seattles secondary is no joke and theyre on the road. ryans the play.

id play cobb over kenny britt, we just dont know what we're getting out of kenny and it appears he'll be on a snap count anyway. not saying he wont have a good game but he's coming off an injury and you should take a wait and see approach before using him. reggie bush is definitely a good flex vs oakland defense that is very suspect..also maclin a great option if he suits up.
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