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Default Re: Wii U Announce Event

It looks interesting. I had and never used a Wii but this one would probably get more use from me. The tablet controller is interesting enough and I want to see more of the Nintendo TVii as I would definitely use that. Also it's not like the pad doesn't have 2 sticks, a d-pad and all the face buttons. I'd imagine the touchscreen will be used more for maps, inventory and stuff like that with the occasional game actually making you really use the touch functions 100%.

The launch "window" lineup is pretty decent and appears to have a bunch of games that aren't gimmicky like the Wii. I skipped out on 360 and PS3 for the 1st 2 years just because there wasn't much I wanted to play but this list looks a little better even if there are a few multi-plat AAA games.

I've never played a Lego game but Lego City looks like a ton of fun. It looks like a PG13 Saints Row 3 but with Legos. Tank!Tank!Tank! looks interesting, Zombi U looks excellent. Nano Assault Neo looks like a solid downloadable title. The Trine 2 port looks very well done. I see a lot to be impressed with here.
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