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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Riddler
Very Happy to see Marlo's QB struggle.

message to RBA: Finley is not going to be a very consistent TE. (had him last year).
I'm not 100-percent invested in Finley. I'm going to put him on a very tight leash, which is where Tamme comes in handy. A couple of games like tonight and he will quickly find himself as my TE2.

It's not like I specifically targeted him or anything... He just happened to be the best TE option on the board in the 6th round when I figured I needed to make a move to fill the position. However, I did specifically target Tamme as my backup because I knew Finley couldn't completely be trusted... Partly due to injuries and partly due to inconsistent play and a lack of targets in a loaded offense.

He's expendable on my team. Last year, he was WAY over-drafted... Often the first TE off the board. I don't remember where you took him, but in most leagues he was being taken somewhere in the first four rounds.

He went this year right around where he should... Middle round pick that you need to quickly address with a capable backup.
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