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Default Re: #34 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by WockaVodka
one could argue that he was actually the best player or the real finals MVP in the 2010 one.

Not unless one was an idiot or trying to be anti-Kobe.

#34 for Gasol is wholly absurd. At least 40-50 spots to high to even consider him yet.

Originally Posted by WockaVodka
Gasol was better overall in the finals than Kobe was. It shouldn't matter whether it's a road game or a home game. The better player in the finals should win the finals MVP.

Kobe averaged 10 ppg more than him and was only a few boards behind from the guard spot. Plus he took all the big shots and offense ran through him primarily all series. Gasol was not, in any way, better that series.

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