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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
i like leshoure for the simple fact i don't see k smith able to hold up. the guy has major durability issues. no doubt a talent but if he goes down, leshoure is the next guy up. in fantasy, next guy up is all that matters. even if he doesn't get the same carries as smith, lions will still have to lean on him to keep defenses honest. as far as handcuffs, he ranks up there. obviously behind guys like tate, spiller, kendall marshall but he's pretty much right there after that.

just keep an eye out for someone that can produce now and help you.
im with you but leshoure has yet to prove he can produce and in the limited work he got in the preseason averaged like 2 ypc and looked bad. a lot of thing might be rust but i still don't see him making a big impact with or without k smith.
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