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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

Originally Posted by BankShot
I've never seen a minute of Sons of Anarchy.... but I've heard good things about it.

Anyone want to give me a short synopsis of the show and why you'd recommend it to someone who could go for a new non-comedic TV series?

You should watch it because it is awesome. Show starts off with a motorcycle club that transports guns. The main character is the VP of the club and the son of one of the founding members who died under suspicious circumstances. The VP's mother re-married another man who is now the president of the club. The club has to deal with other biker clubs and gangs, while also having to do deal with legal issues along the way, all while dealing with internal club shit (including the history of the VP's father). The show gets really intense like several of the other modern dramas (e.g., Breaking Bad). I think the first 2-3 episodes were very boring, but stick with it and it doesn't take very long to get very good. Not a ton of humor to the show like Breaking Bad has, but the payoff overall is very rewarding, especially come the end of each season.

Btw, season 5 started off very interesting.
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