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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by LeFraud James
Thinking of trading with Fred Jackson owner. I want his Hakeem Nicks.

I was thinking of offering Alfred Morris and Denarius Moore for Hakeem straight up. Is that too little?

I also have Steven Jackson, Trent Rich, Stevan Ridley(trade pending), Roy Helu, Malcom Floyd, Dexter McCluster, James, Jones.

you have a ton of RB depth but not necessarily anybody i'd really want to rely on. ppr league? mcculster is obviously more valuable there. james jones or james, jones?

anyway, it might be too little but it doesn't hurt to try. it's sometimes better to start low and work your way up. he'll be itching for a short-term RB solution and there aren't many better than alf. if that doesn't work, maybe offer up your best next WR. i'm saying this without seeing your roster so idk.

general rule of thumb...start a lowball. work your way from there and ask him if he'd like to counter. many owners aren't dumb but they're willing to work with you. just don't completely bs them. historically, i'd have to say most of the trade talks i make in my money leagues completely fall apart. they either get flat our rejected or we don't see eye to eye.

i do think that trade is very good for you if you make it happen. throw in f jax's age to your advantage. you can work other RB's into the convo too. i'm not that high on trent so if you can grab one of his other RB's along with nicks, that could help you. it might be hard for him to even reject a trent + bench player for nicks. don't know if you want to go there but there's that.

honestly? i've been waiting for fantasy football to add a 3 team trade feature. i guess that's too complex

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