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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
i'm pretty sure he had hammy issues in the preseason. i'm also not sure he's back full strength from his achilles. still, he has talent and as a starting RB, i don't think he can do worse than low end RB3. he's a guy that always moves the chains and he showed a lot of explosion coming out of college. but ya, maybe that achilles injury took too much out of him. that's always a major injury and it's even more damaging to RBs...
the achilles rupture was considered impossible to return from. you have to think it's going to be a while (if ever?) to regain pre injury explosiveness. kevin smith is tailor made for the lions offense. he pass protects well, he's an amazing receiver (often being staffords 2nd read), he does a good job of holding on to the ball, and he's really effective in the redzone (a lot stems from the lions offense). Long story short the only thing Leshoure might have an edge on him is running between the tackles which if he going to carve a niche out for himself it will in this area. in a best case scenario he has a mark ingram type role. obviously this would drastically change if kevin were to get hurt but while he's healthy leshoure will be fantasy irrelevant.
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