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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
woods is good but i honestly think marquis lee is going to be the better WR in the NFL. woods isn't an elite athlete but has good hands and good route running. not a bad comparison.

ugh, vols receivers have the butterfingers
I don't know... I'm still figuring out which guy I like better as an NFL prospect. Lee has better track speed. Woods is the bigger receiver. Their listed heights and weights are pretty close (Woods still has a slight advantage), but just in watching them play, Woods just plays bigger, imo.

I love Woods' route running and hands. Whatever gap there is between the two in pure, top-end speed is made up for by Woods' pure skill. I don't know... In that respect, maybe Greg Jennings is a better comparison than Wallace, who is one of the fastest players in the entire NFL.

Should be interesting to see how each develops on the next level.

Just from glancing at mocks, it appears as though Woods is the higher rated prospect as of this moment. Then again, Lee only being a sophomore, he'll probably be in the 2014 class.

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