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Default Re: Season around the corner/Dwight not ready for training camp

i didnt expect him there for opening day. if he gets in the 1st month or so ill be surprised.

1) What will the lakers' record be?
i am hoping for mid 50s
2) Who will be our best overall player?
howard might be the best once he is back. i am hoping pau shocks some people and plays well.
3) How far will the lakers go this season?
if everything goes well they can bring home another banner. though a few inj or dwight taking too long to come back might hurt that.
4) MVP candidates? DPOY candidates?
no mvp no dpoy.
5) Who will make the all stars from our team?
dwight will get in kobe will get in. nash maybe and pau maybe.
6) Anything else you wanna call?
mitch gm of the year. if not mitch then who??? really.... no one....

i hope the older players have their mins watched. i hope many nights kobe can sit out the 4th.

i cant start a season with out missing chick.
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