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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Spelling your name is less important than spelling Ramires.

Yes, losing Essien will really be a problem for Chelsea. How many games did he play last year? How about the previous 4 seasons, combined? I see. Maybe losing a redundant Miereles will be their undoing.

Romeu isn't a regular starter? That's kind of point in saying he deserves a runout. Well done.

Chelsea has a great makeup of CB's. They don't have many holes. Oscar hasn't even gotten a runout, Mata looks exhausted, Marin has yet to play. And no, they shouldn't wait on Torres, as their goal is to win and he sucks.

Lastly, had genuinely run dry with Rijkaard. And, more important is that Guardiola turned out to be Guardiola. By my reasoning, Tito has to turn out the way Pep turned out. And Pep didn't just turn out that way because of the team he had, but because he's a terrific manager.
Essien had a injury and missed a lot of times, and they didnt really play him much after he recovered. He is obviously not the same player from 3-4 years ago but he is still very good and could have been a good backup for mikel. Now if he gets injured who will replace him? Romeu? Good luck with that... and who is the backup for lampard now? chelsea basically bought 10 wingers and attacking mids but forgot to upgrade their central and def. midfield
And i guess u didnt get what i meant with 'isnt a regular starter', so here i will explain it to u better - Romeu isnt, cant, shouldnt, couldnt be a regular starter for a team that wants to win big trophies. Comprende?

yeah chelsea has 3 good CBs but none of them are in good form, are they?

and what do you think they should do with torres? the season already started? they should just leave him play for the reserves chelsea b team huh? who will be the striker then? sturridge? moses? better hope jesus helps u with this one

We cant really tell if Pep is really a terrific manager until he proves that with other team. And Tito is not just some random guy, he was the assistant coach and knows his shit.
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