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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
based on current form, probably... but a lot of things can change till the knockout stage... i think bayern play way too offensive football which can be dangerous against big teams... yeah so far they have been playing great... but against weak opponents... your two CBs are badstuber and dante... i would be worried about that one

Badstuber is good and only getting more experienced. He's also great at distributing from the back. I don't know who you have been watching. Dante was rated 2nd best defender in the Bundesliga behind Hummels.

Okay. But let's just assume I concede that point.

Bayern's midfield shits all over Chelsea's, and United's midfield and we all saw what a midfield even without Schweinsteiger in one game and with an injured Schweinsteiger in the other did to Real's midfield. And it only got stronger.

You also forget that Bayern is a pretty young team in a lot of positions. Younger than Man City I think who you give the "more experience" bonus.

"outside chance" is big reach
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