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Default Re: Season around the corner/Dwight not ready for training camp

1) What will the lakers' record be?- I would say 59-60 wins...depending on Dwight's return and how healthy our starting 5 stay.

2) Who will be our best overall player?- Dwight as he is a top 2-3 player right now. It's still Kobe's team but Dwight will have more impact.

3) How far will the lakers go this season?- conference finals at worse and that should be at least be the expection. Fact is though all of the big 3...L.A, Miami and OKC are expecting a championship.

4) MVP candidates? DPOY candidates?- Lebron's to lose but Durant may be due it. DPOY is always Dwight's to lose if healthy.

5) Who will make the all stars from our team? Kobe,Dwight, Nash

6) Anything else you wanna call?- Meeks will be in the top 5 in three-point shooting this season. I have hope.
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