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Default SP's Edition of...The F*ck? Statistics

The Cardinals are 9-2 in their last 11 games. Wins include @NE, SF, @PHI, DAL, and SEAx2....the f*ck?

Shady McCoy led the league in 20+ yard runs last year with 14. CJ Spiller has 4 in only 29 carries. The f*ck?

Christian Ponder/Kevin Kolb/Mark Sanchez all have higher QB ratings than Tom Brady/Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers.....the f*ck?

Brent Celek has more receiving yards than Rob Gronkowski and Jermichael Finley combined...the f*ck?

The league's 1A and 1B in receiving are on the same team...the f*ck?

The league's leading receiver in catches and 2nd in yards (Amendola) was only owned in 17.2% of ESPN fantasy leagues this week. That number is 47% for Yahoo....the f*ck?
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