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Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
He continues to make throws every week that he used to not make.

There was one throw in particular I think to Davis, he took a 5 step, the pocket was in his face, he stepped up into it and delivered a low hot strike. Perfect placing and perfect pace. The ball beat the defender, and he protected his receiver.

What's been his biggest problem with throwing? Everyone wants to say the deep ball but it's not, that whole cannon arm thing cracks me up, it's nice but not a necessity. He can thrown deep and put it where it needs to be. His biggest problem has been that he throws high a lot. I think it's a problem with his getting set, maybe he's not always comfortable, maybe his footwork is funky, maybe he releases high, idk. But he does sail some balls. To see him set in a collapsing pocket, drive on the throw, and strike it a good 15 or so yards over the middle is new. And it's a real big step.

It all comes with confidence imo. Happy feet = sailing passes.
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