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Originally Posted by demons2005
Look I know how some ppl feel about the bulls being the best young team but its almost all hype. Bobcats were injured all last year think about it.

Now they have the following lineup of sick players:

1) Raymond Felton... enough said. Backed up by one of the top 15 pg's in th e league Brevin Knight
2) Gerald Wallace... most underrated player in the league. Beast on both ends of the floor
3) Adam Morrison- who knos.
4) Sean May- Last year didn't play much at all but showed defnsive prowess and great post moves.
5) Emeka Okafor Last year he didnt play much but wow he is good defensive etc.

What now chicago homers? I will also tell you this: Felton WILL BE and may ALREADY BE a better PG than Hinrich.

*Yawn* ban this guy already

it seems every cycle or so, a new AlJeffersonRules, Superboy, KobeLamar type springs up from a pile of dog sh1t to ruin this forum
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