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Default Re: Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE

Ryan plays half of his games in domes. Though the Ravens have decent weapons, the 1-2 of Julio and Roddy White is arguably the best in the league.

Not to mention, Flacco's schedule is MUCH harder than Ryan's. Ryan doesn't have to play the Browns D twice, Steelers twice, Bengals twice, and all of the NFC east.

Ryan reminds me of the early years of Peyton last night. Same thing with playing in the dome most times of the year and being untested in the elements vs a hard nosed defense in the playoffs. He has all the tools to be an elite QB but he isn't there yet because he hasn't won a playoff game.

Flacco however has won 5 playoff games and is battle tested every year in a very difficult division and outdoors stadium. and with the new offense to give him more options, I like his chances to go to the SB this year. He should have been there last year.
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