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Default Re: End of NY/Tampa Bay reactions

Originally Posted by niko
He was a dick at Rutgers, he'd get into situations like this. You don't live in the area, you don't follow Rutger, you only know him as your coach which is fine but please don't lecture me on his past.

As far as motive we wiped out Jackson earlier in the game on a dirty hit, and there was a lot of back and forth. But no, anger couldn't possibly motivate anyone to do something in a football game. Totally unheard of.


The "lecture" was just used to show past precedence. I hardly see what him being a dick has anything to do with his history of calling that play. Its worked for him in the past, why not try it out now?

But hey, your welcome to rationalize it based on your emotions while I will based on the history of the coach. We both know whose logic is sounder.
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