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Default Re: Hey ISH, check out my dunks

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
1) How tall are you? Oh, nvm. Didn't read the title of your video. 5-10 if anyone else ignores stuff like that.

2) Pretty sweet set up you have there. Where do you live?

And you chin up a lot after your dunks.

South Florida. Yeah it's an amazing set up.

Haha I was excited, these were some of the cleanest dunks I've hit in my life.

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
I like the choice for the beat. Did you get it from a hoop mixtape?

A Ballislife mix of Dominic Artis.

Originally Posted by Raz
Interesting that you nailed the two handers pretty cleanly, but struggled with the one hand. Can you palm the ball?

You should practice dunking from all different angles to prepare yourself for in-game dunking situations. Although, I have dunked twice in official games in my life, and I was a 6'4" point guard.

Nah, I got tiny hands. Two-handers are much easier for me.

Originally Posted by Bcogswell
A really excessive amount..

Either way, nice 2 handed dunks but like someone else said I assume you don't do very many 1 handed dunks is because you can't properly palm the ball?

Haha, I know, it really was excessive. Couldn't help it

Yeah, that's why. I have issues with one-handers. The one in the video was especially weak, though. I can do one-handers fairly easily usually.

Originally Posted by LT Ice Cream
Just re-titled one of Chase Budinger's high school videos.

You caught me

Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
Jesus, you 5-10 and dunking like that? I'm almost 6-2 and can't even throw down an alley oop...

Just keep working at it, three years ago I couldn't even touch rim.
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