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Default Re: Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
What? He's had Heap for most of his career (only last year + a couple games) and Boldin isn't a true #1? And Rice is a major factor out of the backfield. He's arguably the best. Ryan has nothing close to him.

Heap wasn't a great or even upper echelon tight end while Flacco was there.

Don't you remember Heap was coming off injury? He hasn't been the same Heap since like, 2005? Maybe it was 2006. All I know is it was a pretty long time ago.

Boldin isn't a true #1 either, IMO. There are very few true number 1 receivers out there and he's not one of 'em. He's declined noticeably to me from three, four years ago. Slower, more sluggish, doesn't get great separation.
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