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Default Re: Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Flacco is inaccurate as fck and Boldin and Smith are a great WR duo

Flacco had a great week 1 and then went back to being Flacco...a very inconsistent passer

he will look great every now and then and then go on to look like shit every now and then...

playoff wins are on the team as a whole and a horrible way of ranking QBs

When Flacco is on, he can do major damage, he has great touch around the redzone and on his deep ball. Like I said, he has velocity too on every necessary throw. He has def had off games and cost the Ravens but he has been steadily progressing and growing as an assertive playmaker needed to go out and win them as opposed when he was younger just playing not to lose.

I've prolly seen like 90-95% of his games and the guy has gotten steadily better while Ryan came in as the more talented guy but has remained a little stagnant. Plus, he has two beastly number 1 caliber guys gettin open for him.

The last sentence is pure . OF course a dude who loves Romo would try to hammer home your last opinion. Truth be told, Flacco has been way more clutch than Romo the past few seasons seeing as his offense has been carried into the deep rounds and Romo still has one lousy game to hang his weak ass mesh Starter cap on
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