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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
DUDE, he won NFL PLAYER OF THE WEEK...not only did they think he did better than anyone on his own team, they think he did better than anyone in the entire NFL...

clearly this just an opinion that is held only by you

So? Those awards mean jackshit. I mean look at DeMeco and Clay's games and they blow Campbell's game out the water by BOTH the eye test and the stat sheet. Honest question, did you watch the game? Because I did and it was Patrick Peterson who didn't give up a catch, it was Darnell Docket causing havoc in the trenches ALLOWING Campbell to get those easy 2 sacks. It was Sam Acho flying all over the field and Washington making the big plays. Either way Campbell isn't on Watt, Smith, and Ngata's level. He's on the next one.

edit: And if you think this is only my opinion, a good amount of CARDS' fans who watched the game share the same opinion. Stop box score watching just to pimp your guy and actually WATCH his games.
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