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Default Re: Poll: Official Worst Poster on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by BEAST Griffin
Just noticed it's going by address. It's easy to fix this poll. Just go through different proxies and vote over and over and over again.
What about this one ? Does that prevent cheating?

options in which you can check or uncheck:

Anti-cheating protection
(don't change if you don't really understand):
Count each IP only once (sometimes several different people may have the same IP but it's not common)
Don't allow voting from open proxies (this noticeably slows down response time of the voting script so don't use it unless absolutely necessary)
Use Cookies (Normally you do not want to turn it off, unless you intentionally wish same voters to vote many times in the same poll)

Anti-bot protection
(don't change if you don't really understand):
Java Script Protection (almost invisible for most of people, but good against all primitive bots)
"CAPCHA" Image Code Protection (good against all except very advanced bots but quite annoying for people)

website to make a poll:
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