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Default Re: Free Hand Outs For Parasitic Rich People 101

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Don't hate on people because they're more successful and better at playing the game than you are.

More successful at accumulating unearned wealth.

All of this occupy shit just screams of jealous bitchery. These dumbf*cks quit their jobs to protest in a park and live with hobos and drug addicts. No wonder they are poor. If they want money so badly, they should do something about it, instead of whining for rich people to pay more taxes.

Since I'm not an occupier, I don't know how that applies to me. What I do know is that poverty wouldn't be as much of an issue if rich land owners didn't demand payment from people in order for them to access the opportunities provided by nature and society.

Why are they so in love with the US government, that they feel motivated to quit their own jobs to protest and try to help the US government get paid EVEN MORE tax money?

they apparently hate "the man" and yet they are accidentally doing everything they can to help the man.

LMFAO. Rich land owners consume more unearned economic rent than they pay back to society in taxes. It's how they make money from it. HELLO?

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