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Default Re: do u steamroll late screens?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'm guilty. As Overdrive said, if players want to eschew proper screen technique and skip over the idea of establishing a screen position, opting instead to more or less set up a downfield block, I feel steamrolling that screen just about equals things out.

You guys may not believe this, but I actually used to play ball at a court with a guy who'd "set screens" halfway through a teammate's drive to the basket. As in, I'd be guarding someone up top, they'd make a dribble move toward the basket and get the angle on me. As I'd shuffle and quickly move to recover and as he moved below the free throw line, this big guy would decide to run upward and meet me halfway, literally like those blindside blocks you see on kick returns. This would happen in the middle of the paint, not anywhere on the perimeter (not that it'd be any more legal there). It's an extreme example, but it is in fact one of those situations where I began to anticipate it and instead of trying to avoid it, I'd go for the steamroll in hopes of making him think twice about his terrible strategy.

In less extreme examples, I still feel a steamroll is an adequate response to players who are knowingly attempting to take advantage of the game by running into the defender instead of setting a pick on them.
Wait, is that illegal?

If I understand this correctly, opponent A makes a drive towards the basket. As a good defender, you follow him. As both of you start motion towards the basket, opponent B moves a few steps forward from the basket and then STOPS in order to screen you. I don't think that's illegal unless opponent B was still moving as you crash into him.
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