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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

Originally Posted by NoGunzJustSkillz
Already thru 2 seasons and this show is 5x better than Breaking Bad. Mind you Breaking Bad was my fav before starting SOA. I was just wondering, and mind you I am only thru the first 2 seasons of SOA, but does Jaxx annoy the fck out of anybody else?

Completely disagree. I love SOA, but BB is on a whole other level. SOA does have the balance that BB does. The seasons start out slower, they have significantly less character development, and there is less humor to keep us entertained during slow moments. Plus, the story writing is just not as tight knit. I'm thinking by season 3 (if I am thinking of the right season of SOA), you may start to agree. Luckily the show gets back on track after a down season.
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