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Default Re: Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan

Originally Posted by Da KO King
By "shit the bed" would I be correct in assuming you mean his ground attack has been completely shut down so teams just sat in a 2 Deep shell and limited any deep options (Giants) or that he spent most of the game running for his life from the pass rush (Green Bay)?

I've cheered for a quarterback who routinely had no run game in "big" games and still found a way to get us points. Having no run game is not an excuse for Matt Ryan to throw a pick 6 at the end of the half when being careful with the football was of the utmost importance. But he threw it. It's not an excuse to get shut out in the playoffs last year.

Turnovers directly leading to pick 6's when you yourself are in position to kick a field goal at the end of a half in a playoff game is a gut buster. It's at best a 7 point swing, at worst a 10 point swing (if you make the field goal)

He also had another pick in the endzone where he floated a deep pass giving the safety way too much time to get their for the pick.

Matt hasn't been good in the playoffs so far. That will change, most likely....but it is what it is for now.
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