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Default Re: do u steamroll late screens?

Originally Posted by MiamiThrice
Lol @ the tough guys in here sayingthey "steamroll" screens. Most of these kids are probably under >6' and >200 pounds. Your not steam rolling anyone buddy.

When I set a screen and someone runs into me I stick my shoulder or elbow out the next time he tries that shit.
I think the definition of the term "steamroll" here merely means "lowering shoulder and inviting contact instead of trying desperately to avoid". I'm not sure too many folks are talking about pancaking anyone. Second, I believe the original topic was only in relation to those attempting to set illegal screens. The topic, more or less, seemed to be asking, "When someone's looking to make illegal contact through a screen, do you still try to avoid them or do you go out of your way and lower a shoulder as a means of retribution?"
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