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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

AP is not all the way back yet. He's not the old AP he's still got a ways to go, which shouldn't be surprising considering how he was expected back for a while. He even had said himself recently he's not where he wants to be. While I agree MIN isn't as bad as people think they are he's not going to have any room against the 9ers. 9ers run defense looks as good as any defense I've maybe ever seen? You're basically banking on Harvin catching a 15 yard pass and getting tackled at the 1 and AP getting a chance to punch it in or a PI call in the endzone type scenario. Is it possible? Sure but the probability of ALF, Sproles, Bush getting into the endzone is much greater this week. Sproles is a weapon the Saints look to exploit in the redzone not to mention they're going to score a ton of points vs KC, Bush is getting a full workload in a plus match up, and Alf same thing as Bush. You sit AP this week if you have other viable options.
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