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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by LeFraud James
Julio is going off for 150+ yards + 3 TD's this week.

Well, at this point he has to if I have any chance at winning my week.

I just made a trade for Julio and Jacquizz for my Steven Ridley and Malcom Floyd.

My opponent this week played Eli, Andre Brown, and Marty B.

My line-up after the trade:

QB: Brees
WR: Julio
WR: Colston
WR: Denarius
RB: Trent Rich
RB: Steven Jax
TE: Vernon
Flex: Alfred Morris

Bench: Jacquizz, Greg Little, Ja. Jones, McCluster, J. Simpson, Javon Ringer

Best part about the trade? I flipped Cedric Benson/V-Jax/Pettigrew to a desperate Jason Witten owner for Ridley/Floyd. Now I flipped Ridley/Floyd for Julio/Jacquizz.

Basically, I got Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers for Pettigrew/Benson/V-Jax.

I think it's a very good deal. Julio is going to be an absolute monster this season and his upside is as high as any player in FF. He played his worst game on MNF and I expect a monster performance Sunday vs SD.

I wish you could have held on to Ridley but your RB situation still looks fine. I think Alf will be a nice flex with rb2 upside all year. I would also look into picking up Snelling as I think he's the preferred handcuff at this point (I'd hold Quizz too). Your team looks really good with no major holes. I expect Colston to get better as he always does as the year goes along and SJAX should be serviceable if he can stay on the field (which he mostly does).

I'd also explore moving SJAX perhaps packaged with Alf for MJD or Mcfadden if he struggles vs Pittsburgh.
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