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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
Wow..difficult to determine a flex here. I rarely like flexing WRs, even in PPR, if I have viable RB options but Amendola could be an exception. If you're looking for the highest upside play I'd strongly consider Morris or Mcgahee but Amendola should/could seemingly catch 6-10 balls with decent yardage totals. At the same time I would not be shocked if Amendola is mostly contained by a really good CHI secondary. I definitely advise sitting AP however. Amendola is the safest play but both Morris and Mcgahee have greater upside. How sick would you feel if one of them scored 2 TDs on your bench? The chance of Danny doing that is slim to none. I'd lean Morris because he has a very soft match up.
Ironically I've had a string of RBs score 2 TDs on my bench. From AP to Tate to McGahee to Bush (who I traded for alf Morris and dalton).
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