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Default Re: Cornerback Log 2012-2013 edition.


Claiborne only gave up a Pass Interference for 15 yards.

Champ got hit with a penalty for 5 yards and gave up the crucial 1st down at the end of the game to Dre.

Vontae was solid, though Jac doesn't look to pass at all vs. us....

I am surprised Claiborne has been this successful, this early. Nobody just comes in and locks people down like he's doing. He's giving up below 25 yards a game and zero touchdowns. Incredible.

Champ isn't living off reputation thus far either. He's still playing at an elite level and worthy of the shut down corner label he gets.

Vontae still has a ways to go, but he's getting more accustom to our defense and hopefully the last two weeks are an indication of what is to come.
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