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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
He might be a dumb ass, but he is without question "good"

he was great today, made some really clutch 3rd down catches, and then of course the punt return that won the game...

really anyone that claims he "isn't good" either doesn't watch him play or just hates the or the other, because he makes amazing plays
Yeah however for every amazing play he makes he makes an equally bad play due to a mental lapse, bad route resulting in a INT, dropped pass, etc. I'm not suggesting he's not a great talent or ineffective and this thread is obviously a gross overreaction but he definitely is overrated to a certain extent. He's had 1 career 100 yard game receiving. For a guy as talented as he is, with a QB as good as Romo thats really disappointing.
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