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Default Re: do u steamroll late screens?

Originally Posted by MiamiThrice
Lol @ the tough guys in here sayingthey "steamroll" screens. Most of these kids are probably under >6' and >200 pounds. Your not steam rolling anyone buddy.

When I set a screen and someone runs into me I stick my shoulder or elbow out the next time he tries that shit.

I'm 5"9' and overweight, so I got a low center of mass and I got quite some lateral quickness for my mass. If I decide to steamroll it it usually ends up bad for the guy setting the screen and not for me.

Originally Posted by LBJFTW
Not a good idea to try and steamroll. All the guy has to do is lower himself and flip you. Kind of like 0:59 in Above the Rim:

Doesn't work in my case. But

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