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Default Re: #43 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by GP_20
This list is just awful considering the fact that Gary Payton has not been voted in yet.

I mean, I guess that is what happens when people don't have the knowledge and aren't presented the correct cases for underrated players like Gary Payton.

Anyways, I vote Gary Payton. Will also say he deserves at least Top 30 once you know enough about his greatness.

Yea....thats the problem. Kids who claim Kobe would score 80-100 many times in Jordans era because of the lack of defense vote for Payton(as happened one post above yours) and I dont...or GOAT doesnt..its because we...with decades of obsessive NBA watching and gathering of knowledge of its history...just dont have the knowledge he does.

Thats the problem here. Lack of knowledge.

These people just...know more about NBA history than I do...even though learning about it has been a passion of mine since before some of them were born. I find that likely.....

Anyway...Payton isnt a bad vote here. He could go in now or in like 30 picks and be next to guys roughly on his level. Last time there were guys in the 90s who were all NBA over him in their primes. At this point its just....whatever. Guys voted in soon will likely have guys outside the top 100 who were better than them in their primes. Popularity is gonna get more people in now than their resume.

And Gary is one of the more well known 90s players left. People will vote them in before looking into the likes of Dennis Johnson or anyone from the 50s. Which is...their right. Everyone left would probably fit on like...2 tiers.

Mullin and Zo types might be 30 picks from now. Were not really considered worse than guys like Gary. Few people worth arguing against right now.

Maybe the Pistol Petes who I dont think should even be top 50. But Gary isnt worth arguing against at the moment. But the argument that its a lack of knowledge that kept him out 20 picks ago is just laughable.

Ive probably forgotten more about NBA history and the 90s in particular than some people voting for him. But I guess I hate him right? Like Pauk says I hate Lebron...and Sircharles said I hate Barkley...and some Dirk cheerleader types think I hate him. You obsessive about one guy types really seem to have a fair and level headed take on who hates the object of your affections.

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