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Default Re: Basketball Experts; Rate my game

Originally Posted by pegasus
Now watch my moves at 3:41, 4:32, and 5:05 and tell me again that I've got shitty handles. And how am I a lazy shooter when all I do is shoot fadeaways? You do know that that is harder to master, right?
I mean this very politely, but one thing I'll say about that move where you put your right leg forward, dribble through it, then go behind the back and spin... all three of those things seem to keep you generally in a straight line toward the basket (like the move at 4:32). That is, they don't seem as much elusive maneuvers as they are dribbling tricks. In fact, nearly every time you crossover then spin or go behind your back, you're not really going anywhere - a defender could just stand still and defend those moves effectively.

With that said, I know judging things from solo shootarounds is tough because we're not exactly pushing ourselves in those situations. I will say, despite how effective you feel always falling away, I'm not a big fan of it. I think it's one thing to have a high fallaway tendency and another to not have the ability to shoot a normal, straight up, straight down jumper. However solid you think your jumper is right now, I think it'd be even better if you'd actually taught yourself to square and shoot normally instead of leaning and falling all the time. It just seems strange to imagine kicking it out to you for a wide up three pointer in a real game, knowing you're going to be shooting a fallaway no matter what.

As it stands now, it is what it is. We all have weird things about our games that are just there. I set my feet nearly twice as wide as necessary and I start my shooting motion from a slightly unusual position, but I feel it works for me. And here, it's clear you feel the permanent fallaway works for you, so more power to ya. And I know I picked two negative things to focus on but I mean, it is clear you like playing the game and you've put time into it. I've definitely seen a lot worse. It's just a little tough to pick up on how effective things are without some sort of game footage.

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