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Default Re: Basketball Experts; Rate my game

Originally Posted by pegasus
Is it the release, or kicking the leg out, or the fact that it's a fadeaway?

I'll tell you this; unless you are at least 6'4" with long arms and good timing, you're not gonna block my shots. I'll drain them in your face, and you might get scrambled eggs in the process if you know what I mean.
I think the falling away creates a shot that is just a tiiiiny bit flat. It actually seems your shot's desired result is to go in only after hitting the back iron, as opposed to swishing through the net. At 6'4'', I'm not sure my concern would so much be to block your shot, as it would be to attempt to pressure you just enough to force you slightly out of your shot's comfort zone, knowing any additional ounce of flatness (or extended fallaway) may create a problem.
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