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Default Re: Basketball Experts; Rate my game

Originally Posted by pegasus
That video is more of a shooting drill. In an actual game, I would mix things up by attacking the basket pretty regularly (left or right) that you would have to go for those fakes and lose your ground and give me enough space to shoot if I chose to. Trust me, that's what happens. You're just saying that because you get to see what I do in the end (not really going anywhere, taking a fadeaway jumper), but that's not gonna happen every time. I'm good at reacting to my defender, and remember that the step back is a "counter move." You use it only after the initial drive is stopped, and if it isn't, you take it all the way to the basket.
Yeah no worries there. I was just saying you used those moves at 3:41 and 4:32 as showcases of excellent handles and I wasn't sure they were the best examples due to their lack of speed, direction change, and explosion. You had other maneuvers - hesitations, side-steps, etc., and those were solid. Just the backward between the legs dribble and stationary spin did not seem as if they'd be effective against a legitimate defender in a game, since they'd more or less just be able to stand still and have you come right back to them.
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