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Default Re: Basketball Experts; Rate my game

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yeah no worries there. I was just saying you used those moves at 3:41 and 4:32 as showcases of excellent handles and I wasn't sure they were the best examples due to their lack of speed, direction change, and explosion. You had other maneuvers - hesitations, side-steps, etc., and those were solid. Just the backward between the legs dribble and stationary spin did not seem as if they'd be effective against a legitimate defender in a game, since they'd more or less just be able to stand still and have you come right back to them.

I didn't say I had excellent handles. That one guy said I had no handles, so I re-watched the first five minutes to see what I could use as an example to prove him wrong. There are probably more later in the video.

I just think that you gotta be crazy to say that I have no handles even after just watching that video, unless you are comparing me to an active or retired professional basketball player. I believe that handles and footwork go hand in hand when it comes to basketball, and I'd like to believe that I have decent (key word, decent, definitely not excellent) craftsmanship in both.

I'm an amateur player, and it was just a shootaround. I didn't go full speed (nowhere near), and having a defender in front of me would have made a big difference.

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